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Celebrating gay and lesbian marriage.
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Not your mama’s registry

Registry & Gifts: Modern wedding registries that can change your life. Comment.

It’s elementary

Features: There are many resources and tactics adults can utilize in order to explain the concept of a same-sex marriage to kids. Here is some help. Comment.

Have love, will travel

Honeymoons: Gay-friendly honeymoon destinations for discerning newlyweds. Comment.

If you build it, they will come

DIY Projects: What to keep in mind while building a wedding website. Comment.

The name game

Features: Every couple must decide if they want to change their names. Should you hyphenate, take your partner’s name, or should you invent a whole new name as a couple? Here is what some gay, New York couples have decided to do. Comment.

Just dance

Music & Entertainment: Have more of a rad romance than a “Bad Romance?” Celebrate it with a reception playlist that will earn you nothing but “Applause.” Comment.

Snap judgements

Photography & Videography: A wedding photographer offers a brief guide for same-sex couples. Comment.

The ABCs of RSVP etiquette

Invitations: We can send a text, an e-mail, and tweet with lightening speed, but for some reason, some of the people you invite to your wedding will not respond with a RSVP. Why is this? And what should one do when they find themselves in this kind of situation? We’re here to help! Comment.

The ultimate lgbt wedding checklist

Planning: We cover everything a same-sex couple needs to do in preparation for your wedding day. Comment.

Committing to the commitment ceremony

Features: A woman is asked to officiate her friend’s lesbian ceremony after they are already married. Here is her journey of taking this unconventional role by the horns. Comment.

Sixteen cool cufflinks

Accessories: From classic to kooky, we highlight 16 distinct styles Comments (1).

Spring 2014

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