Banner photographs courtesy of J & J Photography (left) and Emily G Photography.
Celebrating gay and lesbian marriage.
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Gay-tastic entertainment

Music & Entertainment: A rundown of New York’s LGBT wedding performers. Comment

Meet the parents

Features: Advice on how to initiate a strong relationship with your future in-laws. Comment

You’re invited to … hmm?

Invitations: Gay and lesbian spouses-to-be tend to have a tricky time finding the perfect wording for their wedding announcements. Here is some expert Comment

Weddings unplugged

Ceremony ideas: Don’t like the idea of guests texting during your wedding? Here is how to get them to disconnect from the outside world and plug into your special day. Comment

Eight is not enough

Real Weddings: A New York couple ties the knot eight times in every state they legally can, from the steps of the Supreme Court in D.C. to a symbolic ceremony in California in protest against Prop 8. They also filmed the whole thing. Comment

Two men and Keith Haring painting

Real Weddings: A couple embraced the do-it-yourself spirit while planning their New York nuptials. The result? A personal and unique wedding their guests will never forget. Comment

Photo basics

Photography & Videography: A professional gives common sense advice to couples looking to hire the right kind of wedding photographer for them. Comment

Following Suit

Suits & Tuxes: You don’t have to wear a white dress on your big day. Here’s how to stich together an ensemble that represents you. Comment

Whoopie! Ten budget-friendly tips

Planning: Have a stylish and sophisticated wedding on a budget with these ten simple guidelines. Comment

A Broadway power couple weds at City Hall

Real Weddings: A ‘Great White Way’ duo, Chris Boneau and Bob Bucci, speak about their engagement and heartfelt, two-day wedding that began at the most unromantic place in the world — City Hall. Comment

Hee-haw! Donkeys and other weird weddings trends

Unique Ideas: Freaky fads you may want to consider — or reconsider — when planning your nuptials. Comment

Is your wedding in or out?

Venues: Should you have a wedding outdoors or inside? The pros and cons of both and what you should be aware of after you make that decision. Comments (1)

Two guys and a DIY wedding

Real Weddings: Michael and Jace McComiskey take do-it-yourself literally with their charming, rock-fest wedding in Queens. Comments (8)

Gay-friendly religious venues in NYC

Ceremony ideas: A list of religious venues that will marry gay and lesbians Christians, Jews, and more. Comment

Engagement photos: Indulgent or practical?

Planning: Engagement photos may seem like an unnecessary expense but there are a lot of benefits to taking them. Here are just a few. Comment