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Celebrating gay and lesbian marriage.
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Marriage license 101

Planning: What does a gay couple have to do to get a marriage license in New York? We explain it all in language anyone can understand. Comment

Rolling to the chapel

Style: Ten unique transportation ideas so you can travel in style on your wedding day. Comment

The vendor venture

Planning: A few tips on how to find gay-friendly wedding professionals. Comment

Invite Putin to your gay wedding?

Planning: Inviting an unsupportive guest to your same-sex wedding can be a conundrum. Here is a list of pros and cons to consider while making a decision. Comment

Make it suit you

Style: Gay brides and grooms can personalize a tux, blazer, or suit with masculine, feminine, or gender-bending accessories. Comment

Invitations with imagination

Planning: You don’t have to settle for wedding announcements that rely on gay stereotypes in order show your pride. Here are a variety of tasteful, clever, and custom-made designs that will please every kind of personality. Comment

A slice of heaven

Real Weddings: Pizza brings two fiery women together. Comment

It’s a piece of wedding cake

Features: Ten things you can absolutely say at a gay wedding that will enhance the mood. Comment

Don’t put your foot in your mouth

Features: You can be as cute as an otter, but if you say something rude at a same-sex ceremony, things can get ugly. Stay afloat! Here are ten things you ‘should never’ say at a gay wedding. Comment