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Celebrating gay and lesbian marriage.
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Have your cake and eat it, too

Planning: We breakdown the cost of wedding cakes, so you can have the cake of your dreams — regardless of budget. Comment

Rocking unique cufflinks

Style: From classic to kooky, we highlight 14 distinct styles Comments (1)

The DIY wedding guide

Planning: Save money at your gay wedding with our do-it-yourself planning. Comment

New York celebrates the demise of DOMA

Features: All over the city, the LGBT community united and rejoiced over the landmark Supreme Court gay-rights rulings. Wedding Pride gets their personal reactions. Comment

June 26 2013: A landmark day in gay history!

Features: Today, same-sex sweethearts celebrate the Supreme Court ruling to end DOMA and overturn Prop 8. Comment

Two weddings, one happy family

Real Weddings: New York couple, Charlotte and Valerie Garafolo, thought marriage was so nice they did it twice. Comments (12)

I do. And don’t

Planning: A checklist of the most important things to make sure of for your special day Comment

The Honeymooners

Planning: Whether you fancy a sun-soaked beach, an alpine adventure, or deep, deep cultural immersion, you’ll want to make sure your honeymoon is created equal to your dreams. Let us help! Comment

We got the beat

A New York DJ crafts a rocking gay-friendly reception soundtrack. Comment

The long march

Features: Gay marriage just latest step on road to civil rights: A LGBT history timeline. Comments (1)

Flower power

Planning: Add a little more green to your special day by choosing seasonal, locally sourced blooms. Comment

And the beat goes on …

A seasoned New York, gay-friendly wedding band speaks about how they bent their already alternative style for same-sex weddings. Comment