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Celebrating gay and lesbian marriage.
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Atlantic Avenue Wedding Extravaganza this weekend

Planning: You can find more than antiques on Atlantic Avenue this weekend at a cool Brooklyn wedding expo! Comment

Word to the wives … and grooms

Real Weddings: Former brides give their best piece of wedding advice. Comment

Dance Revolution

A much larger spectrum is inspiring couples’ first dances. Comment

The gift that keeps on giving: Advice

Planning: Gift-giving tips from America’s top gay wedding planner Comments (1)

My first gay wedding

Features: I didn’t know what to expect — but what I got was something great Comments (2)

Get bubbly

A wine expert suggests quality champagne for every kind of budget. Comment

The ‘I do’ marathon

A lesbian couple takes a romantic road trip and gets married in nine different states. Comment

The ABCs of RSVP etiquette

We can send a text, an e-mail, and tweet with lightening speed, but for some reason, some of the people you invite to your wedding will not respond with a RSVP. Why is this? And what should one do when they find themselves in this kind of situation? We’re here to help! Comment

Thinking outside the chapel

Features: Choose an untraditional location for an untraditional wedding. Say ‘I do’ from atop a Ferris wheel, and other ideas for wedding you won’t soon forget Comment

For better or worse … weather

Planning: You might want a sun-drenched ceremony on a sandy beach or prefer the pristine luster of a winter wonderland. But no matter what time of year you decide to spring into marriage and fall back in love, there are several ways to incorporate any season into your wedding, making it seem like the most natural event in the world. Comment

The mane event

Style: Lesbians have a flurry of formal styles they can sport on their special day. Comment


Planning: Essential prep for every dashing duo Comment

Love in blooms

Style: It’s important to choose a bouquet that reflects your personal style. Comment