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Celebrating gay and lesbian marriage.
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Putting a ring on it

Style: A lesbian gets wedding band purchasing and personalization tips from her jewelry designer sister Comment

The wedding checklist

Planning: It’s exciting to get down on your knee to propose to your future spouse — but the minute you do so, you start a countdown that won’t reach zero until way after you cut that very first piece of wedding cake. We’ve put together a checklist that will help you plan your whirlwind event. Comment

The homophobe at the wedding

Features: Many of us are very lucky to have wonderful, supportive families and friends who rejoice with our happiness when we decide to marry, but some of us also struggle with the disappointment and heartbreak of homophobia. Here are real stories that offer some advice. Comment

Have love, will travel

Planning: Gay-friendly honeymoon destinations for discerning newlyweds. Comment

The name game

Planning: Now that same-sex marriage is legal in New York, couples must decide if they want to change their names. Should you hyphenate, take your partner’s name, or should you invent a whole new name as a couple? Here’s some help. Comments (1)

I now pronounce you … married!

Features: Pioneering gay marriage officiant explains how to make your wedding your own. Comment

Eight is not enough

Features: A New York couple ties the knot eight times in every state they legally can, from the steps of the Supreme Court in D.C. to a symbolic ceremony in California in protest against Prop 8. They also filmed the whole thing. Comments (1)

Just desserts

Give your reception a sense of originality by offering an alternative to the customary wedding cake. Comment

It’s elementary

Features: There are many resources and tactics adults can utilize in order to explain the concept of a same-sex marriage to kids. Here is some help. Comment

Get me to the church on time

Planning: A list of religious venues that will marry gay and lesbians Christians, Jews, and more. Comment

A Bishop welcomes you

Features: New York Lutheran leader declares the doors open for gay and lesbian couples Comment

Get on top

No matter how your cake is decorated, your cake topper is the most important detail. Comment

Tradition revision

Planning: Can a non-traditional same-sex wedding be conventional? Thankfully, whether you want your big day contained within or bursting outside of the box, we’ve got a few ways to help. Comment

The greatest day of my life

Features: New York’s top gay elected official reflects on the moment she heard the news. Comment

Regards from Broadway

Real Weddings: Broadway vets and married couple, Chris Boneau and Bob Bucci, offer practical wedding planning tips after their intimate two-day affair. Comment

Same sex, different tax

Planning: A Brooklyn accountant is go-to-guy for gay couples. Comment

I do, I do!

Broadway dou, Chris Boneau and Bob Bucci, speak about their engagement and heart felt, two-day wedding that began at the most unromantic place in the world — City Hall. Comment

Following suit

Style: You don’t have to wear a white dress on your big day. Here’s how to stitch together an ensemble that represents you. Comments (1)

The ABCs of DIY

Real Weddings: A couple embraced the do-it-yourself spirit while planning their New York nuptials. The result? A personal and unique wedding their guests will never forget. Comment

A perfect game

Two engaged softball players talk about how they stole each other’s hearts. Comments (8)

Planning your big gay wedding

No one goes to a same-sex wedding expecting it to be just like a straight wedding. Blending of traditional and non-traditional, of old and new, is at the very core of gay weddings. Three New York couples that have tied the knot offer advice. Comment

Welcome to Wedding Pride!

Features: The struggle for legal wedded bliss has hardly been a piece of cake for gay and lesbian couples, but we want to help you plan a wedding as sweet as icing. Comment

Getting play

A DJ’s new ‘classics’ playlist for your wedding Comment

Snap judgements

Planning: A wedding photographer offers a brief guide for same-sex couples. Comments (2)