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Celebrating gay and lesbian marriage.
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Alternative wedding rings

Honor your individuality as a couple by opting for something more original than traditional wedding rings. Comment

Birds of a feather

Real Weddings: A lovely lesbian couple has a peacock-themed wedding. Comments (11)

Twists on gifts

Planning: A few gift ideas for your wedding party. Comment

Revamp your registry

Planning: Do you want to prevent a future clutter catastrophe? A professional organizer tells you what you should and should not put on your registry. Comment

Project guest list: Are they in or are they out?

Planning: Who you should and should not invite to your upcoming gay wedding. Comment

Fabulously formal finger foods

Do you want your guests on their feet and not glued to a seat at your gay wedding reception? Here are 30 finger-friendly and sophisticated food ideas for a night of dancing. Comment

Love is patient, love is ‘mine’

Planning: If you’re planning on having a secular wedding, you may not want a Bible verse to describe your love. Here are eight romantic, gay-friendly readings plucked from literature. Comments (1)